Greek Leadership Workshops

January 29 | 12:00 pm | CCC Ring Room

Presenter: Grace Poon | Assistant Director, Greek Life

Go Greek!... But Now What? - Being Greek and Finding your Leadership Strengths 

After going Greek, you may have discovered that there are numerous leadership opportunities to grow and develop as a leader – from workshops to chapter/council positions to philanthropic work. But have you wondered how to take your leadership to the next level? Better use your strengths to impact your chapter members? Or take your leadership strengths to market yourself to potential employers? Come out to this Greek leadership strengths workshop to discover your strengths and how to apply them in a Greek Life context and beyond!

Honor Society Membership & Exec Application | Winter '15

Order of Omega

Membership Application (Due January 30th)
Excecutive Board Application (Due Febuary 15)
Exec Board Responsibilties

Rho Lambda
Membership Application (Due January 30th)
Excecutive Board Application (Due January 30th)
Exemplary Member Award Application (Due January 30th) 

Gamma Sigma Alpha
Membership Application (Due Feburary 6th)
Excecutive Board Application (Due Feburary 13th)
Scholarship for Membership (Due Feburary 6th)  

Gallup Survey Results...Greeks are More Engaged

A Recent Gallup survey found that:

- Fraternity and sorority members who are employed full time are more engaged in the workplace than all other college graduates.
- Fraternity and sorority members are more likely than all other college graduates to be thriving in each of the five elements of well-being (purpose, social, financial, community, and physical).
- Fraternity and sorority members strongly agreed at a higher rate than non-members that their institution prepared them for life after college.
- College graduates who were not members of a national fraternity or sorority are slightly less likely to be attached to their alma maters.

More info about Gallup survey results can be found at

GRADE REPORT | Fall 2014

Download the latest Greek community grade reports. 

Fall 2014Spring 2014 | Winter 2014 


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